Lost Souls All
D6 Exotic Cursed Skinwalker Animal Forms
D10 Alternate Starting Weapon Rolling Chart
D10 Ominous Things a Pale One Can Say When Using Omens
D10 Problems with Your Replacement Arm/Leg
D12 Stinging Philosophical Questions Your Forlorn Philosopher is Struggling With
D20 Descriptions of a New PC Instantly Arriving In-Game
D20 Mediocre Ends for Uncooperative Players
D20 More Unheroic Feats
D20 Skinwalker Creature Shapes
D66 Tormented Toymaker Toys
D40 Occult Herbmaster Decoctions
D6D8 Additional Character Names
Monsters & Miscreants
D4 Creatures That Might Kill You in the Night in the Woods of Sarkash
D4 Uncanny Half-Dead Godlings
D6 Boss Monsters
D6 Corrupted Pets
D6 Famous Bards That You Hope Will Be On Stage as You Walk Into the Tavern
D6 Predatory Insects
D8 Magical Horses (and Their Titles)
D8 Pets, Well-tolerated Pests, and Assorted Hangers On
D8 Wandering Lions
D10 (Un)fortunate Survivors of Arcane Mishaps and Magical Malevolence
D10 Wretched Beasts
D10 You have successfully summoned a demon, but which one?
D12 Skeleton Fighters
D20 Golems
D20 Holy Shit That's One Huge Crazy-Looking Troll!
D20 Scvmmy Bar Patrons
D66 Horrible Things an Enemy Would Say in the Middle of a Fight
D100 (Un)friendly Animal Companions
Plots, Portents, and Lies
D6 Dreams and What to Learn from Them
D6 Suspicious Scents
D8 Curses a One-eyed Cretin Would Spew at You
D8 Debts to Pay
D8 Reasons Why That Couple of Cutthroats is Following You
D8 Supply Wagons the Shadow King is Paying to Have Escorted
D10 Miserable Adventure Hooks
D10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go into the Local Tavern
D10 Side Quests that the Shopkeeper Sends You On, in Exchange for a Special Item
D12 Appalling First Encounters with a Village
D12 Reasons You Were Exiled
D20 Faustian Bargains
D20 Local Tragedies
D20 Misfortunes
D20 Reasons the PCs are Sentenced to Death
D100 Encounters Behind a Magic Door
D666 Wildland Encounters on the Road
Powers & Weirdness
D2 Incredible Things People have Shouted in Praise of a Horse Named Bartholomew
D6 Eerily Heretical Rituals
D6 Things Crawling Under Your Skin
D6 Unexpected Places to Find an Eyeball
D8 Insidious Infections
D10 Cursed Narcotics
D10 Instant Death
D12 Curses to Shout When You Stub Your Toe on a Zweihänder
D12 False Blessings that Turn into Curses
D12 Lesser Miseries: The Clock of Nechrubel
D12 Methods of Torture and Their Lingering Effects
D20 Curses that Turn Humans into Monsters
D20 More Arcane Catastrophes
D66 Blessings
The Dying World
D3 Legends and Tall Tales About Pol-Blort
D4 Strange Alcoholic Beverages
D4 Ways to Tell You're from Grift Without Saying You're from Grift
D6 Deeds to a Duchy
D6 Demands of the Peasant Uprising
D6 Rooms of the Shadow King's Palace
D6 Ways to Mispronounce "Nechrubel"
2D4 Wild Plants of the Plains
D8 Galgenbeck Souvenirs That You Shouldn't Have Bought
D8 Helpful NPCs from the Sarkash Forest That Will Totally Not Backstab Anybody
D8 Lullaby Titles in the Dying World
D8 Things You Shouldn't Eat But Probably Will
D10 Ghrok's Cook Book
D10 Odd Shops Hidden Down a Crooked Alleyway in Schleswig
D12 Hazardous Weather
D12 New Zodiac/Star Signs in the Dying World
D12 Ships That Will Raze Your Port
D12 Symbols of Heretical Cults
D20 Festivities
D20 Holiday Destinations in the Dying World
D20 Nohr Myths
D66 Rumors of the Dying World
Treasures & Trinkets
D6 Masks
D7 Unusual Dice Found in Hidden Lock-Boxes
D10 Books You Should Eat Before You Die
D10 Items You Would Find in the Back Room of a Taxidermy Shop
D10 Items You'd Find in a River of Tar
D10 Pieces of Tosh (treasure) One Might Find Washed into a Sewer
D10 Shiny Things Floating in the Open Sewage
D10 Trophies a Vampire Keeps from Their Victims
D20 Fucked-Up Things You Can Find in a Treasure Chest Instead of Actual Treasure
D20 Gifts for a Ghost
D20 Items for Sale at Schlewig's Illegal Midnight Markets
D20 Items in a Goblin Den
D20 Magical Focuses
D20 Poorly Enchanted Trinkets
D20 Sacred/Unclean Armors
D20 Snake Oils and Other Scam Potions
D66 Instruments and How to Weaponize Them!

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